Taungyi balloon festival – 03 to 12 November 2019

Taungyi balloon festival – 03 to 12 November 2019

This year, Taungyi balloon festival will be held from 03 to 12 November 2019. Taungyi is the capital of Shan State, and is about 45 minutes drive from Thanakha Inle Hotel.

During a week, thousands of people gather to enjoy the show, live music, traditional foods and amusement parks.

In the afternoon, the sky is filled with hot-air balloons, mostly representing traditional Myanmar and cartoon figures, popular among kids and adults.

In the evening, atmosphere is getting hotter with the amazing contest of main hot-air balloons. Balloons are decorated with hundreds of candles, and once in the sky, fireworks attached at the bottom are lighted ! It is a unique show, for the eyes and ears.

As it is windy and crowded, and fireworks flying randomly, tourists are advised to watch from a secure distance.

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